1.Benchmarking customer prosperous growth´╝îMatching products operate safely

Since the establishment of the new energy vehicle development strategy in 2010, the company has been supporting products to BYD for 5 years.
Growing together, it has supplied more than 120,000 new energy vehicles to BYD.
Energy vehicles are exported to 46 countries and regions in the world, 68 cities in China

2. New energy vehicles are matching comprehensive, Technical solutions mature and stable

Zoom New Energy has supporting products and provide connectivity Integrated solution to BYD with all kinds of EV cars, which includes but more than E6 pure electric SUV, E5 pure electric car, HA hybrid car, HAEV pure electric car, HC pure electric car, SAH pure electric car, S6DM hybrid SUV, VBH pure electric, dynamic mini car, C9DM engineering excavator, CAA pure Electric forklifts, SCH small SUVs, T7A garbage trucks, TB3 trucks, L3G models, K9 and K9A and their overseas models, CHE models, V60 trucks, T8 sprinklers, Tengshi TIGER pure electric cars (BYD Daimler)...

3. Comprehensive coverage of the EV industry chain, Wide and stable application of product

The products of Zoom are widely used in various power companies, electric control companies, motor factories and various research institutes and business divisions. And provides a full range of high quality connection solutions for external charging connection systems for new energy vehicles, on-board OBC high-voltage transmission connection systems, battery transmission connection systems, and high-voltage package transmission connection systems. , electronically controlled transmission connection system, motor transmission connection system

4. Upstream supply cooperate closely, Matching products advantages lead the industry

Establish strategic partnerships with upstream quality suppliers to ensure the continuity and economy of the supply chain while ensuring delivery and quality, and to meet the different customization needs of customers. Timely and efficient communication mechanism makes perfect pre-sales/post-sales work, eliminating customers' worries.

5. Independent production vertical operation, Strict quality control and fast feedback

Zoom New Energy has established a complete structure of the New Materials Division, the Wire Division, the Irradiation Division, and the Automotive Wire Harness Division. The internal production value chain is fully connected, making the formulation technology of the US-based companies in new energy vehicle solutions. , irradiation technology, connection technology can be realized in the factory

6. Complete in production equipment, Technology and crafts stays in top

Zoom New Energy owns wire bundle processing machine, imported irradiation cross-linking equipment, patented compound technology, perfect production process, management according to TS16949 industry standard, producing high pressure, high temperature resistance, oil resistance, high softness, High-strength wire harness cable products for tensile strength to meet various technical requirements of customers.